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Living Among the Clouds


2/16/06 11:59 am

I'm back at home. I have a new journal. nebulinda. Friend me, if you want.

2/11/06 10:09 pm

I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I know you're confused. I am too. Someday I may tell you what this is all about. Some of you might be able to guess.

1/24/06 09:01 pm

I went climbing today! 5.8s are harder than they used to be.

1/19/06 04:03 pm

Snow snow snow snow snow...

There is FINALLY snow on the ground! And it's still coming down! I am AMAZINGLY happy.

1/2/06 04:23 pm

My house is still open, if people still want to come. If no one can drive or doesn't want to, I'm sure people who do want to come can give rides, and I can pick people up. And if the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse, spending the night is an option. I'm bored! Please come! Even though I'm a total addict, there's only so much Law & Order one can watch.

1/2/06 12:10 am

Weather permitting, I'm opening up my house tomorrow for a party. Very informal. More of a gathering of people than a party. Maybe a combination of New Year's with Back to School? I was thinking people could show up around five-ish. Keep in mind I have almost no food, so people will have to bring some and/or we will go out. Call me.

12/31/05 07:00 pm

So, I was thinking, since a New Year's get together is probably not going to happen tonight, what say we have a party a day or two from now and call it New Year's? This is the second New Year's in a row to be ruined by the weather, and I want to see people before they leave again. My family is out of town for most of this week, so we could all come here. Comment if interested.

12/31/05 12:17 pm

I'm sooooo glad I live on top of a hill. However, one whole side of the backyard is under water (Comet frolicked in it), and Lakeside is almost entirely under water. I've been forbidden to drive my car (since it would probably be engulfed by the water). Can assume that this will mean no New Year's get together?

12/12/05 05:16 pm - I love double entendre.

So, I was eating lunch with two friends, Marie and Enga, who are married. They were playfully fighting with each other, so I go, "Is this domestic violence?" in an appalled voice. So Enga says to Marie, "Beware, or I might have to give you a public licking."

12/7/05 06:01 pm

Keep the Gobstoppers away from me or I will eat them ALL!
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